Письмо от М.Коймана

 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

April 15, 2012


In the last years I had the opportunity to visit in Moscow the Old World Center for the treatment of persons addicted to drugs.

This organization is one of the few examples in Russia offering of the full range of rehabilitation possibilities:  physically, psychologically, morally and socially. 

The members of the therapeutic community learn to solve their problems without the use of drugs or alcohol. They are taught to live responsibly respecting themselves and others. 

I felt the same positive atmosphere in the house as I had experienced in the many other therapeutic communities  which I visited in many different countries in all five continents. 

I spoke with members if the therapeutic community and also with ex-residents who had found their way back in the society who had stopped their addictive behavior successfully. I met the staff and volunteers working in the program under the guidance of Dr. Eugene Protsenko, whom I have met at several international conferences.

I understand that the program is in need of financial resources to be able to continue its work.  It is important to realize that the benefits for society in saving costs for medical care, police the justice system and other cost of those who leave this program successful are far greater than the costs of the treatment.

Besides that there are the benefits in well being for the families of the addicted persons  which can not be estimated in money.


Martien Kooyman, MD, Phd


President of the Association of Friends of Drug Free Programs  in The Netherlands

Honorary Board Member of the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities

Member of the Advisory Committee on Prisons and Youth Protection to the Minister of Justice

Vice President of EURAD